Webjets Help

A short guide to Webjets workspace: initial set-up and basic usage.

Browser support

Currently we officially support only Google Chrome and Safari (to be fixed in beta).

Automatic backup

There is an automatic backup of all data performed daily at 3:33 AM UTC.

Getting Started

  1. 1. Navigator
    Structure and navigate through your knowledge in the context of specific projects or areas of life.
  2. 2. Card on Canvas
    The Canvas is a free space to organize your content cards. Every card has a menu – just click on the icon on top left.
  3. 3. Sidebar
    Create new containers, save favorites, receive information from teammates and update your profile.
  1. 4. Creator
    Create containers to find the best presentation fitting your content. Combine containers to visualize complex structures. Create portals to browse selected services directly from Webjets.
  2. 5. Feedback
    Feel free to contact us if you have questions about using Webjets.

Basic Interactions

Learn the basics of interaction with Webjets by watching these short animations

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With Webjets you can...

Collect content and ideas

Just drag&drop or copy+paste any web links, and they become cards in Webjets.

Or create empty cards using the Creator and write any ideas, tasks, goals, thoughts, or memories.

Organize using different containers

Create containers by dragging them from the Creator onto some canvas.

Put containers into other containers to organize flexible structures fitting your needs.

Share with team-mates

To share any container with a team-member:

1. Open container's menu and choose Share.
2. Provide the email of another Webjets user.

A new card appears in that user's Inbox.


  • C Create Card
  • L Create List
  • V Create Canvas
  • N Create Navigator
  • T Create Table
  • Space Expand or collapse card
  • Enter Start/finish editing card title
  • Backspace Move selected webjet to Trash
  • esc Remove focus from textfield, or move selection 1 level up
  • Select cell on left/right in the Table
  • Select next or previous webjet in List, Table, etc. Go inside current webjet if it’s expanded